Submicron resolution field map of a magnetic read/write head
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Failure Analysis and Magnetic Imaging Services

Micro Magnetics offers failure analysis services on a contractual basis. We maintain two current density metrology systems at our headquarters in Fall River and can produce maps of current flow in a wide variety of ICs and packages, usually with initial results delivered within 48 hours. Our engineers will work closely with you to understand and interpret the results in order to determine the root cause of the failure. In most cases we can send initial results to you in an electronic report within 48 hours of receiving your sample.

We also offer contract magnetic imaging services for non-semiconductor applications. Our employees include several experts in the fields of magnetic imaging and magnetic materials who can interpret and analyze the results in a timely manner.

Please contact or call our headquarters at (508) 672-4489 to discuss your magnetic sensing and imaging needs further with us.

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