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Products: TMR Magnetic Sensors

General Description: SpinTJ Magnetic Field Sensors

The SpinTJ magnetic sensor family builds upon Micro Magnetics’ in-house expertise developing low-field magnetic tunnel junction sensor products. Based on our proprietary fabrication processes, we have developed patented recipes for fabricating macroscopic, micron-scale, and submicron MTJ (or TMR) field sensors. These sensors offer unmatched spatial resolution (active areas of less than 1 μm2), superior field sensitivity (field noise on the order of 1 nanotesla), and the ability to withstand extreme environmental conditions. SpinTJ sensors have a field sensitivity 50 times better than conventional magnetoresistive read/write heads and over 1000 times better than conventional Hall-effect sensors. In addition, their small active areas guarantee a spatial resolution far exceeding any other commercially available magnetic sensor technology.

Our SpinTJ magnetic sensors are based on ultra-thin magnetic films deposited on silicon. These sensors are available in a number of packages and electrical configurations, including a plug-and-play sensor probe and an encapsulated 8-lead DIP package. We also offer custom packages and electrical configurations. Micro Magnetics also offers a standard preamplifier for signal amplification and conditioning.

Micro Magnetics’ SpinTJ magnetic sensors are already in use in a number of cutting-edge industrial and research applications, including semiconductor fault isolation, detection of single micron-size bio-magnetic particles, and static and dynamic studies of micromagnetics and domain structure in small patterned magnetic films. See our “Applications” pages for some of ways people have been using our magnetic sensor technologies.

Introduction to Spintronics

Introduction to Nanotechnology

Basic Features of Micro Magnetics' SpinTJ Sensors

High sensitivity
Low noise
Large field dynamic range
Broad frequency response
Low power consumption
Small size
No need to reset

Sensor Selection Guide 

Type Spatial Resolution Sensing Range Sensitivity Detectability Package Part Number Picture
Micro Sensor ~ 2 m 50 Oe 0.1-1.0%/Oe

eqv. 1-10 mV/V/Oe
50 nT/Hz1/2 @ 100 Hz

5 nT/Hz1/2  @ 10 kHz
Bare die STJ-001 STJ-001
Short probe STJ-010 STJ-010
Long probe STJ-020 STJ-020
SMA probe STJ-030 STJ-030
General Purpose Low Noise Sensor ~ 0.9 mm 30 Oe 0.5-2.0%/Oe

eqv. 5-20 mV/V/Oe
2 nT/Hz1/2  @ 100 Hz

200 pT/Hz1/2 @ 10 kHz
Bare die STJ-201 STJ-201
Short probe STJ-210 STJ-210
Long probe STJ-220 STJ-220
SMA probe STJ-230 STJ-230
SOIC-8 STJ-240 STJ-240
DIP-8 STJ-300 STJ-300
Full Bridge Sensor ~ 0.9 mm 20 Oe 1-5 mV/V/Oe 3 nT/Hz1/2  @ 10 Hz
Bare die STJ-301 STJ-301
SOIC-8 STJ-340 STJ-340
DIP-8 STJ-400 STJ-400
Half Bridge Sensor ~ 0.9 mm 20 Oe 1-4 mV/V/Oe 3 nT/Hz1/2  @ 10 Hz
SOIC-8 STJ-440 STJ-440
DIP-8 STJ-500 STJ-500

3-Axis Magnetic Sensors and Magnetometers

STJ-3D 3-Axis Magnetic Field Sensor: STJ-3D (Integrated Sensor)
SpinMag3 3-Axis Magnetometer Probe: SpinMag3D (Ultrasensitive and Miniaturized)
SpinMeter3 3-Axis Magnetometer Probe: SpinMeter3D (USB Probe)

Signal Conditioning and Accessories

AL-05 Signal Conditioning Electronics: AL-05 (for use with STJ sensors in probe package)
D-801 Signal Conditioning Electronics: D-801 (for use with STJ sensors in DIP package)

Custom Solutions

STJ-A16 STJ-A Series: Magnetic Field Micro Sensor Arrays
STJ-201 STJ-B Series: Biomagnetic Sensing Solutions

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